November 12, 2018

Matt Haycox chats with Love Island’s Paul Knops

Love Island’s Paul Knops joins Matt at his house for a chat about social media, carpentry, future plans, lessons learnt and much more!

The 31-year-old, Paul Knops is best known as the contestant of the infamous ITV2 show Love Island. He has been able to accomplish his goal from the villa by pairing up with his new girlfriend, Laura Anderson.

He is also an actor and if you feel like you have seen that gorgeous face somewhere you should know that is because he is not new to television. Also, being a model, he has a fairly decent height. So, here is everything you need to know about the handsome reality star who acted alongside Birtney Spears in one of her music videos.

Paul Knops: Personal Life, hobbies, and love life Born in the year 1987 in Bournemouth, England nothing about Paul Knop’s family background or where he did his schooling from is available at the moment, unfortunately. Being an actor/model he is also a carpenter which says a lot about his interest in carpenting. It is something he genuinely loves to do.

He likes to describe himself as someone who is happy, outgoing and spontaneous. He can pretty much get along with anyone as he thinks he is an approachable person. As far as his love life goes, Josh Mair has been involved in some serious relationships in the past which unfortunately did not last. As of now, he is currently coupled up with Laura Anderson who is also a contestant on the fourth season of Love Island show.

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