April 25, 2019

Matt Haycox Chats with James Beveridge

James Beveridge Chats With Matt Haycox Funding Guru – VR Specialist & Virtual Reality Development

James Beveridge Chats With Matt Haycox Funding Guru – VR Specialist & Virtual Reality Development

James is a VR Expert, Developer and founder of Pebble Studios.

When we launched Pebble back in 2011 we wanted to build a company that offered our clients quality, agility and innovation in a rapidly expanding and evolving content market place. And whilst we have grown in size and specialisms, these founding principles have stayed at the core of our offering.

In today’s cluttered digital landscape, our view is that true standout requires an audience to interact with content, not just be a passive viewer. And that’s why at Pebble we put the fan first, creating content experiences that inspire and captivate – helping ambitious brands and agencies connect deeper with their audience.

Our 40-seat East London studio is brimming with expertise – artists, strategists, creatives, producers, animators, technologists and developers – all crafting and collaborating to deliver world-class content experiences.

This expertise has seen us produce Europe’s largest 360 fan experience for Live Nation, transport ABC television audiences through time in a world first virtual reality experience, and produce the UK’s first immersive gym group for Studio Society.

And we’re not finished there. As our pioneering industry continues to break new ground, Pebble remains at the forefront of creative innovation and experiential storytelling.

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