March 08, 2019

Matt Haycox chats with Best Selling Author Ruth Kudzi

Ruth Kudzi Chats with Matt Haycox Funding Guru – Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Mentor

Ruth Kudzi Chats with Matt Haycox Funding Guru – Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Mentor.

Ruth Kudzi is a Business and Mindset coach who specialises in working with mums who want to start up or develop their own business.

She is passionate about empowering mums to create the lives they want to live through developing a more flexible way of working.

Ruth was a Senior leader in Secondary schools but choose to set up her own business when she was pregnant with her second child whilst working full time with a toddler in tow.

She made the decision to change her career and do what she loved which has enabled her to have a better work / life balance and be happier and more relaxed.

She has a BA in Psychology & Management studies, a MA in Psychology and numerous coaching qualifications including a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, a Diploma in Small Business Coaching and is completing her postgraduate certificate in coaching.

She is obsessed about being the best coach that she can be for her clients and is currently working with a high performance coach and is focused on how these principles can help her clients.

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