February 01, 2019

Matt Haycox Chats with Tancream CEO Gillian Robson

Gillian Robson Chats with Matt Haycox Funding Guru – Tancream CEO & Skin Cancer Survivor

Matt Haycox Funding Guru Chats with Gillian Robson – Tancream CEO & Skin Cancer Survivor.

Co-Founder and CEO of Tancream, Gillian Robson’s life changed dramatically four years ago when she found a mole on her leg that had changed. Within a few days she was undergoing surgery for skin cancer and has had many more moles removed since.

At this time, Gillian was a busy mum running her own successful beauty business. She was advised to wear high protection sun cream SPF50, 5 star UVA, even in winter. As she liked to have a tan, she used fake tan. Rather than using lots of different products in her morning skin care routine, she searched worldwide for a product that she could use every day that did everything she needed it to do. It soon became apparent that there wasn’t anything available. So she decided to try and develop her own.

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