• Credit facilities of up to £100,000
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Full flexibility in how you can spend your loan
  • Effortless application process
  • No hidden fees and transparent interest rates
  • The possibility of a same day decision

Never miss an opportunity for growth

Stay competitive in industries with fast stock turnaround. Keep your inventory fresh and your stock replenished, by advancing funds with a short-term revolving credit facility.

Join hundreds of satisfied customers

We’re proud to have funded hundreds of UK businesses. A stock finance facility from Funding Guru can put your business at the forefront, exactly where it needs to be to succeed. With our finance solutions you can enjoy:

The Benefits

  • No limitations on how you use your money

  • Fixed interest rate and no hidden fees

  • Less than ideal financial histories considered

  • Weekly or monthly repayments

Purchase the stock you need to meet the needs of your customers, without your balance sheet holding you back.

How does stock finance work?

Businesses with fast turnaround of high-value stock benefit most from stock finance.

Lenders purchase stock from a seller on your behalf, meaning you can access stock you would otherwise have been unable to afford.

Let’s take a car dealership as an example: a stock finance facility would allow the dealership to keep their stock levels high and their range of models interesting and competitive, even if they may not otherwise have been able to afford new models. This increases the appeal of the product range for customers and thereby the likelihood of sales.

We take vision into account, as well as circumstance. If you have CCJs or adverse credit, give us a call and let’s talk. We strive to find a suitable finance solution for any business with a bright future.

We’ve lent to car dealerships, antique dealers, wine merchants and all manner of wholesalers.

Up to £100,000, for any purpose.

Our stock finance loans operate as revolving credit facilities, meaning you can borrow until you hit your agreed loan threshold. Once an amount has been repaid, it’s available for borrowing again.

Loans can be agreed within 24 hours.

We have taken steps to make our application process as slick as possible: minimal paperwork and effort is required from your side.

No. We don’t think businesses should be penalised for repaying debt early.

Application Process

Fund your future today. Our team will find the perfect stock finance solution for you. Move your business forward with Funding Guru.