Start-up Business Loans and Finance Packages

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If you have a bright business idea, and can formulate it into a plan, you’ve taken the first step towards entrepreneurial success. But, unfortunately, even with the most innovative concept in the world, you’re only part of the way there. Because what the plethora of business programmes on TV don’t show, is that behind every great idea is a whole load of grit, hard work, determination and most crucially of all, financial backing.

The most profitable and sustainable businesses are almost always built on firm financial foundations, because setting up a new venture is expensive especially once you’ve factored in staff, premises, stock, advertising – and the occasional ‘surprise’ expenses that always crop up along the way.

At Access Commercial Finance, having lived the business experience – finding the business loans and finance to set up successful companies from scratch, and then selling them on – we know what it takes in terms of both innovation and capital to build a truly successful, sustainable venture.

Start-up Finance packages with added support

Our packages are not just about finding the cash – as well as access to finance, we include mentoring from established entrepreneurs so you can benefit from the lessons we’ve learned (and mistakes we’ve made) while building our businesses. We can also help you structure your business plan, making it sustainable and ‘investment-ready’, and if you are considering grant schemes from public sources we can assist with your applications. Accessing grant schemes for start-ups can be difficult – there are so many rules and clauses that you have a much better chance of success if you’re working with someone familiar with the process.

With half of the UK start-ups failing within five years, and business owners citing lack of cash as one of the main causes of lack of growth, it’s clear that getting the right funding partner, and support, is imperative.

At Access Commercial Finance, we take an inventive approach to start-up finance, often finding a business finance solution long after our competitors have given up. We’re more interested in your future potential than your past, so if your business has a strong selling point, talk to us about kick-starting your growth with one of our start-up funding packages.

Our criteria

There are no rigid criteria for our start-up finance – whether or not we can structure the right deal depends on the potential in your business. Some of the things that will make your company a good candidate for start-up finance are:

  • A compelling, comprehensive business plan (But don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, we can help write it!)
  • A demonstrable need for funding
  • A strong, experienced team with appropriate sector knowledge and expertise
  • A clear, defined target audience, which has a ‘need’ or desire for your product or service.


Benefits of seeking start-up finance with Access

  • Access to a vast network of entrepreneurs, for funding and mentoring, with expertise spanning a massive range of sectors, including challenging or ‘shunned’ industries
  • The potential to grow your business incredibly quickly if it has the right potential
  • A complete package of support – we don’t just arrange funding and then set you adrift, you’ll benefit from our business wisdom too.
  • Expert, regionally- targeted, assistance to access public grant schemes.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, who have set up very successful – and occasionally not so successful – businesses, we really understand the challenges you are facing and we’ll work hard to find the best finance to overcome these hurdles. To learn more about our start-up finance packages call us today on 03330 069141 or request a call back!