August 21, 2018

Get social with #Investagram

The future of funding pitching!

Fancy pitching to me on social media? That’s exactly what entrepreneur and gym owner Richard Thompson has just done, securing funding for his state of the art i-Motion gyms with a one minute video pitch using the hashtag #investagram

Richard needed funding fast to keep the gym going. From the point we first spoke he had just four days left to find the finance he needed. There’s not many people who could do a deal in that short timeframe (well ok, I actually don’t think there is anybody else!!), but that’s exactly what I did. From speaking on a Tuesday for the first time, the deal was done and paid by Friday, all the staff keep their jobs, and the future of the business is secure. Not a bad result for just filming yourself making a minute long pitch!

If you’re thinking of pitching me like Richard did, here’s what made it such a great deal.

Richard knew his business inside out, and knew that all he needed was to find the capital. The business had loyal customers, a great team of staff and just needed a cash injection. I’ve been able to help out with the overall strategy, but ultimately for me I don’t need to get into micromanaging things – it’s clear that Richard knows what he’s doing, and just needed the funds to do it.

I’m looking to hear pitches through #investagram from people like Richard who are already showing they are capable of delivering. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new idea, or you need help because your business is in trouble. I work with businesses at all stages, and if there’s an opportunity to move quickly, then I’m always interested to hear about it.

Lots of lenders will shy away from deals around insolvency, but not me. If this is you and you’re looking for fast funding to save your business, all you need to do is get together a one minute pitch and get social with it. Don’t forget the hastag #investagram!

Tell me why you need the money, why I should invest in you, and what it will mean for your business. Be yourself. And be honest. And who knows, maybe by the end of the week your business could have the funding you need in place, just like Richard’s did!

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